About us

Why the name Cardiac?

Because of my passion for pretty cards and paper goodies, it lead to the name Cardiac which means ‘of the heart.’ The name Cardiac describes who we are and how we feel about our products, as our creations truly come from the heart.

Where are you based?

The design studio is based in George on the beautiful Garden Route but we send our products all over the country via postal/courier service.

Carien Roetz Cardiac Cards from the Heart
What sets Cardiac apart from the rest?

We use only the best selection of paper and supplies to ensure that your stationery are of the best quality but affordable at the same time. What sets Cardiac apart from the rest is the fact that each party set is uniquely designed from start to finish. We create our own illustrations, rather than use clip-art or existing characters for each theme. Our aim is to create stationery and original paper products that have a personal touch, something you would not find in a shop.

How would you define style?

Style is the way in which you do something that is unique to you. I definitely think that I have personal style.  Best words to describe it is quirky, fun, friendly and simple with a pinch of hip and a dash of classic.

How did you end up doing what you do for a living?

Being a creative junky at heart, drawing and painting has always formed part of my identity. Wanting to pursue a career in a creative field, I started off by studying Interior Design but soon discovered the world of Graphic Design. In 2008 I started working as a Graphic Designer at a local company in George and also started Cardiac as a sideline business. Since then I have floated between companies in George, doing a lot of corporate designs, not really finding a position which allowed me the creative freedom that I so desperately needed. In 2014 I was retrenched and this was the turning point in my career. Suddenly I had no choice but to make Cardiac my priority and everything fell into place. I absolutely love what I do, creating new characters and stationery sets, combining colours and fonts brings me so much joy and fulfillment…. Finally I am doing what I love!

Where do you look for inspiration?

It’s about breaking the routine, getting outside, switching off the phone and just getting in touch with the people around you. Most of my ideas come from everyday life.

I also find inspiration in clothing stores, children’s stores, children’s books, magazines or Pinterest.

What’s your favorite pattern or color?

Polka dots! They’re just so adorable and versatile. My favourite colour is mint green.

What would you be doing if you weren’t designing stationery?

I would love to illustrate and write my own set of children’s books